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  • 140 Page, Surviving Epic Trials Workbook (digital download)

  • Orientation + 10 Phases + Conclusion Modules with over 49 videos of Robyn Coffman guiding through the study.

  • 12-Month Access to LIVE Group Q&A video conferences with Robyn Coffman (delivered via Zoom calls)

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Join Robyn Coffman, (BCCC) as she guides you through the hardest seasons in life, using her new eCourse, Surviving Epic Trials.


Whether it's the 2020 pandemic, or you're facing a more personal, weighty trial, or are still trying to get your bearings from something in the past, this in-depth Bible study and deep personal study will help you get through your hardest times and give you hope. 

Prepare to be stunned, challenged, encouraged, and strengthened.

What others are saying:

We didn’t see COVID-19 coming and so many of us felt unprepared for the storm this sent our church into together. Surviving Epic Trials offers biblical, relevant, and practical help for both COVID-19 and the other storms that lie ahead. The combination of Biblical study and psychological insight Robyn brings in this resource stands above what most books and studies offer. We can’t wait to launch our sermon series inspired by her work this weekend.

-Scott Savage, Lead Pastor | Cornerstone Church | Prescott, AZ

Welcome, Friend. 

Joey and I are honored to bring Surviving Epic Trials to the digital world. Our prayer is that this curriculum will serve you as you navigate the trials of your life. We invite you to strengthen your hope, deepen your faith, and gain new insight as we navigate the 10 phases of a trial in this in-depth bible and self study through the life of Noah. This deep personal study will help you get through your hardest times and give you hope. 

This on-demand eCourse allows you to study this topic at your own pace, in the comfort of your own space. Our hope is that you will feel seen and supported throughout this journey. 


Take a look around and if you have any questions, we are here

I am honored to be your guide through Surviving Epic Trials. Let's get started. 


Robyn Coffman

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Surviving Epic Trials Workbook. 

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